Badascu Ionut

First of all, I’m pleasantly surprised to see that there is a feedback column, the truth is, I did not get on the site too much. I kept giving feedbacks “travel sites” for Dragului Hotel, but now we can express ourselves directly on the hotel’s website. I’ve been to this hotel a few times and I’m gonna repeat myself for the nth time: I give the super + rating to everything; Of course the chef also gets a + from me because he’s phenomenal !!! I HOPE THEY HAVE NOT CHANGED HIM because soon I want to return for a weekend at the hotel and I want to really eat! The rooms look super amazing and clean. I had the pleasure to meet the patron 2 times and he is a real MANAGER and a SUPER man! From the beginning I liked his idea of ​​leaving a slip of paper in the room where clients can write what’s right and what’s wrong with the hotel; This indicates that he is interested in seeing if everything ok for the client because he is implicitly reflected in this business! BRAVO TO HIM! The first time I came here was for my honeymoon and I left with a good impression and whenever I say Predeal I say Dragului Hotel. And if I were passing through Predeal, I would go to eat at their restaurant. SEE YOU SOON!!!!

Vasilescu Valentin

We are old customers in Predeal at Dragului Hotel. I am glad that the employers and the employers have the interest to get out well and have a polite behavior towards their clients. Whenever I go through the predecessor, at least manang there, if I’m in transit, and still can not help me not to visit the place. I’m the best of my predecessor, I felt there at the hotel of the sake – quality, ambience, cleanliness, good music, more than excellent, 5 star services (we already know everybody from there :)) It’s very pretty, and the care for the detail of the employers I appreciated it. The Isabelle Villa, all the dancing, it’s great, they were so nice that they got us there and with our puppy and we felt perfect !!! I did not go anywhere else in the predecessor, I can pick up these 6 * hotel … I feel at home for my sake, I do not really care about the stars. I hope the prices remain affordable both for accommodation and for food, and everything will stay at least as good! We hope to revisit soon … .p.s. The musicians on Friday / Saturday are missing, but … if the new policy does not include them, we accept it. But thanks to them, I stayed up to 1-2 in the ? restaurant


… “guilty” for my stay at this hotel is Mrs. Ramona – the receptionist. Even if the organizers canceled my reservation, Mrs. Ramona convinced me in a professional way that at 23:30 it is more worth it to stay in another room in the hotel than in the newly canceled one. I had the opportunity to meet both the hotel managers and those working in this hotel because I stayed for three days. Due to their professional attitude I stop at this hotel whenever I have the opportunity. All my respect for the way of administration and the attitude of the staff. It is proof that quality services can also be provided. Good and positive thoughts here from the black sea shore!

Mihaela Claudia

First of all, I would like to thank all those from there, the patrons, the restaurant staff and the Isabella villa for the offered conditions. We were there in SEPTEMBER 2011 with my husband and child and we felt EXCELLENT. They changed the towels from the room very often, cleanliness, quiet and comfort. As for the restaurant, it’s A+! Personally, I would like to thank the chef, those who serve us and the owners for the special meals. BRAVO … BRAVO! CONGRATULATIONS! I WILL COME BACK SOON! QUALITY, AMBIENT, GOOD PRICES, AND MORE … MORE COMMON SENSE! THANK YOU ALL! WE WILL GLADLY COME BACK!

Maria Filimon

I spent a very good week of my vacation. The room was welcoming and clean, very good service. The hotel is located in the center of the resort, 5 minutes from the railway station, easily accessible. The area is a bit noisy but not very disturbing. The food is great, do not miss a visit to the hotel’s restaurant even if you are staying elsewhere. They have some specialties and a place to remember at absolutely acceptable prices.


We celebrated 2 years of our wedding at the Dragului Hotel. We felt very good, the room was clean, modern, welcoming, the restaurant is great, with an atmosphere and food of 20/10. This place reminded us of the atmosphere of the Viennese hotels and this has made us rejoice enormously. We want to definitely return, this time alongside our baby, godfathers and other family members. Congratulations!


I can say it’s the place I fell in love with… it’s warm, relaxing. It is ideal to spend a vacation away from the agitation of crowded cities, an unforgettable vacation. The services are impeccable, warm people, delicious food, I have to admit that I got fat because of you :)) … the atmosphere in the evening is delightful, with music and candles … everything is perfect … you deserve an A+ … and as I promised I will surely come back! Best of luck!

Radu Georgeta

Unfortunately I did not stay at this wonderful hotel but last year I spent the winter holidays at the hotel’s restaurant. The food is excellent, prompt serving, and that explains the large number of tourists it has. There were so many of us waiting for a table to be cleared in the entrance hall, but it is worth the wait. CONGRATS, CONGRATS to the entire team there !!!!!!

T. Alexandra

I was staying at another hotel, but almost every day we served lunch at Dragului Hotel. The food is extraordinary, I have no words. I’m not even going to try to eat anywhere else, I just stop at this wonderful restaurant. The staff is exceptional! Congratulations and hope to see you again next year!


It’s a place I recommend wholeheartedly! We were fascinated by the warmth, the hospitality, the staff, the wonderful attic rooms, all the conditions offered by this hotel. We were there 2 years ago and we will go this year along with our baby. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart !!!! Always stay the same !!

Ramnicu Valcea

You can always notice professionalism. I have been back for a few days from a stay in the mountains and I already want to go back. I stayed at Dragului Hotel and it was superb, A+. Cleanliness and good taste, excellent food and super cute staff. Keep up the good work and good luck. I promise to come back.


4 years have passed since our wedding and we decided to spend the anniversary at your hotel! This is because in the 2 years since we met you you gave us wonderful moments and you made us come back many times! Thanks and congratulations!


20/10. I did not stay at the hotel but the food at the restaurant is extraordinary. Not to mention the sweets. It is worth to come to at least eat something. Super good food at good prices.



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